Since 1977, I-O Corporation has provided quality peripherals for the IBM midrange and mainframe markets. I-O Corporation customers are information system managers and end users who want high quality, IBM-compatible peripherals at a cost-effective price.

Products from I-O include:

  Printer  Connectivity  LANRPC                    Ethernet connectivity for Twinax & Coax Printers

                                       3235 DIMM                IPDS DIMM for HP Printers

                                       5430e                         Multi-Protocol Ethernet Printer Server for AS/400 iSeries

                                       5430B                                    Ethernet Print Server for Bar Code Printers

                                       5435e                         Ethernet IPDS Print Server

                                       5450                           3 port Ethernet Print Server

                                       PrintBox RPC            Converts Twinax Printers to Parallel

   Thin Clients                TC4000                      Windows based thin client

   Ethernet Displays      TC2677                      Ethernet terminal w/4 AS/400 sessions

Twinax Displays        2677M                        Twinax workstation module