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Twinax Emulation | TCP/IP Connectivity | LAN Connectivity
We are a full line distributor for BOS (Better On-Line Solutions) products.  Please call with any BOS questions.  BOS has a client solution for most TCIP to Twinax configurations as well as a good range of thin clients with emulation built-in.  They also offer feature rich  PC based emulation cards.
  e-Twin@x Controller  




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Supports all Twinax displays   Supports APPC and TDLC   Emulation for TCP/IP
Eliminates SNA   Win 3x, 9x, NT, 2000/XP   GUI customizable display
Remote mgmt via Web   Stealth technology - no IRQ   Morph Express for GUI
Supports SCS, IPDS printers   User friendly file transfer app   TCP/IP printing capability
Easy to install   Includes Twinax install wizard   Enables TCP/IP over twinax
Secure   Lots of emulation options   Toolbars, macros, kbd
TCP/IP over twinax!   ISA or PCI available     mapping
  Jadvantage     BOSaNOVA thin clients     BOSaNOVA Desktop
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On-the-fly GUI from AS/400   Windows 2000-like GUI   AS/400 displays with windows
Server installs on 400 or PC   Embedded 5250 emulation     toolbars, macros
Client deployed to PCs on net   Linux OS driven   Supports TCP/IP and APPC
Supports SCS printing   Connects to Terminal   Morph Express GUI
SSL over internet for security     Services   Trouble free AS/400 printing
Connect 400 to internet via   Connects to Citrix   Flexible data manipulation
  SSL   Robust expandability   File transfer utility
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