BOSaNOVA products:  
Twinax Emulation | TCP/IP Connectivity | LAN Connectivity
We are a full line distributor for BOSaNOVA products.  Please call with any BOSaNOVA questions.  BOSaNOVA has a client solution for most TCPIP to Twinax configurations as well as a good range of thin clients with emulation built-in.  They also offer feature rich  PC based emulation cards.
  e-Twin@x Controller  

  BOSaNOVA Thin Clients



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Supports all Twinax displays   Windows 2000-like GUI   Emulation for TCP/IP
Eliminates SNA   Embedded 5250 emulation   GUI customizable display
Remote mgmt via Web   Linux OS driven   Morph Express for GUI
Supports SCS, IPDS printers   Connects to Terminal   TCP/IP printing capability
Easy to install     Services   Enables TCP/IP over twinax
Secure   Connects to Citrix   Toolbars, macros, kbd
TCP/IP over twinax!   Robust expandability     mapping
  BOSaNOVA Web     BOSaNOVA Plus     BOSaNOVA System i Console
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On-the-fly GUI from AS/400   Supports APPC and TDLC   Full management of the iSeries
Server installs on 400 or PC   Win 3x, 9x, NT, 2000/XP   Reliable local and remote access
Client deployed to PCs on net   Stealth technology - no IRQ     to your iSeries
Supports SCS printing   User friendly file transfer app   Use VNC or RDP to remotely
SSL over internet for security   Includes Twinax install wizard     access your iSeries
Connect 400 to internet via   Lots of emulation options   Twinax and Ethernet/Serial
  SSL   ISA or PCI available      
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