IDE Solid State flash drives  
16GB versions
Standard Notebook hard drive form factor 2.5", or 1.8" form factor  
  16GB 1.8" IDE Flash Drive  

  32GB 2.5" IDE Flash Drive



 $525    $499    

with 44pin IDE connector


with 44pin IDE connector



Prices updated on  01/17/2013

We have a 4GB IDE Flash drive available for two week demo.  If you'd like to purchase this lightly used demo unit, it is available at $150.   E-mail us or contact us for details.

Drive uses:
With a standard notebook physical format, these drives can be used almost anywhere a notebook
HDD can be used.  They are excellent choices for high altitude operations in general aviation, as well as
locations or usage in areas that are subject to higher working shock and vibration.  Compared to a normal Hard Drive, these are faster, produce significantly less heat, make no noise and have no shock issues.  They are also proving more reliable in the field, especially in tough environments with shock, dust, high altitude, etc.

If contacting us for a flying application, we can work with you on transferring your old data to the new drive.
As an added benefit, you'll have your old drive as a backup or spare.

With a 2.5" drive, these units are compatible with a standard 44-pin IDE connector.  If you notebook has a 2.5" drive, and is IDE, it should work.

If you have a 1.8" drive, the connectors are different and it gets complicated.   There are several different
1.8" drive form factors.  The first uses the typical 44 pin IDE laptop connector described above.   The 2nd variety is the Female 50 pin Micro ATA connector.  This type is used on the Motion LS800.  It is not as
common from an SSD standpoint.  SSD drives for this are just now coming to market and the pricing is still prohibitive ($1200 for 32GB) Samsung is beginning to make an SSD that fits this also, but there is
currently no availability.   The third type is a ZIF socket.  The 44pin IDE devices are the only devices that
are reasonably priced right now.   This should change as the Sandisk and Samsung drives make it to the
market.  The Sandisk product is a ZIF form factor and should be compatible with the LE1600.


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