IO Corporation products:
We are a full line distributor for I-O products.  We market both new and used I-O display stations.   Just introduced, the I-O thin client offers a promising, feature rich AS/400 centric package for midrange computing.  For background on I-O, click here:

  TC 4000 Thin Client  

  Ethernet Display

    LANRPC / PrintBox RPC
TC 4000   TC2677   LANRPC / PrintBox RPC



Supports AS/400 - i series   Economical 5250 via TCP/IP   LANRPC connects twinax &
Multiple host access   3 display sessions, 1 printer     coax printers to Ethernet
True 122 keyboard   80/132 column modes   PrintBox RPC converts
5250 keyboard layout   102 or 122 keyboards     Twinax printers to Ethernet
IE 4.0 browser included   Add your own monitor      
Applications reside on hosts   Host addressable printer port      
MS Windows CE based            
I-O TN5250e print emulation            
   Ethernet Print Servers       Twinax Display Module      IPDS DIMM
Ethernet Print Servers   2677M   3235 IPDS DIMM



5430e Multiprotocol for   Low cost, easy to install   IPDS 3812 emulation
  AS/400 i Series   3 display sessions, 1 printer   For LJ 4050, 8000, 8100
5430B for Bar Code Printers   3yr warranty     8150 printers that work with
5435e IPDS Print Server   Compact Design     J311xA JetDirect cards only
5450 3 port Print Server   Supports standard monitors      
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