ASUS Z33a Intel Centrino based notebook configuration worksheet  


Intel Centrino in an ultraportable form factor.   Sturdy, reliable and ready to travel.  Just 3.3lbs with standard battery (3 cell).  6 cell and 9 cell available for extra long life.   Unit built with carbon fiber alloy material for better durability.  Integrated combo drive is standard.  Battery life is around 2 to 2.5 hrs with standard battery.  9 cell gets you over 6hrs.

Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor
Pentium M processor with 2MB Cache, power optimized Speed Step power management

Key advantages dealing with Data Path, inc:
1. One call support.  Knowledgeable people answering the phone without delays or complicated support procedures.
2. Intel Brand CPUs.  Intel makes the most reliable products in the industry.  Competitors refuse to pay extra for these best components.
3. Configuration service.  If you have a software platform that your company needs deployed, we'll work with you to insure that your machines are setup here, ready to plug and play, saving you time.
Includes these key features!
Intel Pentium M or Celeron M CPU   12.1" XGA TFT screen 1024x768
Intel High efficiency cooling solution DVD / CDRW combo drive std
  256MB DDRII RAM standard Built-in Wirelss A/B/G
Carbon Fiber Ruggedized chassis   30 day satisfaction guarantee
  40GB 5400RPM IDE HDD standard   1x card reader
  1 year P&L warranty   Instant launch keys
Intel 915GM chipset with DDRII support Optional 6 or 9 cell battery (3 cell Std.)
3 USB 2.0 ports, IEEE 1394, VGA out   56k modem, 10/100 wired LAN
  10.8" x 9.25" x 1.17" (W,D,H) carry bag

This pricing current as of: 01/17/2013

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