to buy your next machine from us.
  1. One simple phone call.  One point of contact, one knowledgeable person on the other end.  No messy phone menu tree, no 30 minute hold times.
  2. We're flexible.  If you want an application loaded a certain way, or have any specific requests, we can accommodate many of these items without extra charge.
  3. We're reliable.  In today's price conscious environment, many vendors are pinching pennies by selecting substandard, cheap motherboards designed to last the typical one year warranty and little more.  Our boards are typically the most expensive in the industry (Intel and ASUS), but have the best long-term reliability in the market.  Our machines typically feature or offer a power supply that is 250 watts or greater, the higher power not only increases system stability, but reduces the stress on the supply over its life because it is working at a lower load percentage than a smaller unit.  We've settled on a couple brand names for power supplies that have a proven track record.
  4. We use only Intel Processors.  These CPUs are more reliable than others, have better product quality, and undergo extensive compatibility testing. We know of no other vendor that makes a better CPU.
  5. We use only Intel or ASUS Motherboards.  Other boards break.  these brands do not.  Its as simple as that.  Other vendors are using cheaper vendors to cut costs.
  6. We do business the way you want to do business.  If you have a particular need, just ask.  Need a PC today?  We may even be able to custom build same day if you have an emergency.
  7. Track Record.  We have an impressive list of satisfied local and regional customers.  Feel free to ask, we can provide references.
  8. Product variety.  If you have a particular component you'd like to integrate, let us know.  We can provide it.  Go ahead and ask Dell to install and ATI-All-In Wonder card, or a 5250 emulation card, see what they say.  We can do simple little things that the big guys can't do.
  9. You are a big fish.  To a major corporation like HP or Dell, you're just a little fish in a big pond.  If they lose your business, its no major loss to them.  To us, a small local business based and grown on excellent support, your company is OUR priority, we know what it takes to keep a customer.
  10. Nationwide Support.  We offer a wide variety of support options and can support your machines in the field through a nationwide network of technicians.  Our largest customers rely on this support network for hundreds of machines in the field from California to Maine.


IntelŪ PentiumŪ 4 Processor with HT Technology  - Power To Do More at Once

Intel(R) Celeron(R) Processor -  Exceptional Value and Dependability