Used and refurbished PCs and Notebooks

IBM / Lenovo notebooks are top picks for business use.  
They have the business features you need with a ruggedness that allows them to hold up for years on end.   Some exclusive IBM T series features include: Think Light - an LED light over the keyboard.   Helps users find the keyboard in low-light situiations.   Carbon roll cage around the LCD cover, helps protect the LCD and notebook against damage.  APS (Active Protection System) a safety system for the Hard Drive that shuts down the drive in the event of a drop, protecting the drive
and your data.  IBM ultra bay allows flexible options like 2nd battery, 2nd hard drive, etc.   T series also have extensive docking options for office usage.   These notebooks also run cool and quiet with an efficient Intel Centrino processor for ample power and long battery life.   Typical run times over 3 hours with most models.

We have a wide variety of T series notebooks available.   Below are just a few examples.   Call for more details.  These are also available with higher resolution screens, larger 15" screens and versions with ATI graphics for demanding graphics apps.  Larger hard drives, increased memory and a host of accessories are available.

Dell Optiplex units are well designed, durable and are well suited to business.   Get these at a fraction of their
new price.   These are refurbished and warranted by us.  The mid tower units are well suited to home use,
and with a full size power supply, they are suitable for gaming use.  The
slimline desktops are ideal as an internet appliance or light duty office
use.   With a smaller power supply, we recommend keeping the add-ons
to a minimum.   Both units are efficient, and run cool and quiet.  Repair
parts are plentiful.  All used Dell equipment includes keyboard, mouse,
and operating system.






  IBM T43 (fully refurbished)     Dell Optiplex GX-280    
  Business notebook     Business mid tower PC    


Intel Pentium M 1.6Ghz   Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz      
512MB RAM   512MB RAM      
14.1" 1024x768 LCD   no monitor      
40GB HDD   40GB HDD      
DVD+CDRW drive   floppy drive      
Around 5lbs   front USB      
Windows XP PRO installed   Windows XP PRO installed      
Intel Centrino   CDRW drive      
GB LAN + B/G wireless   10/100 LAN on board      
Ultra Nav trackpoint + pad   USB keyboard      
Think Light + APS protection   USB optical mouse      
long run time   quiet, expandable      
  Only $449     Only $225      
  Optional 1yr warranty*  $70     Optional 1yr warranty $50      
  Add'l 1GB RAM add $30     Add'l 1GB RAM add $30      

For the T40,T41,T42,T43, we have extended batteries, 2nd ultrabay batteries, ultra bay hard drives, docks, AC adapters, cases, and spare parts available such as keyboards, bezels, screens, etc.

*batteries are warranted for 6 months, maximum.

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